“On the Edge”

From the age of 10, my life was broken,

And all of my possessions were rudely taken,

Always trying, but end up bleeding,

Watching others cope I think they’re cheating.


Wanting to talk to someone because I feel I have depression,

But people say, I just do it for attention,

Losing everything, feeling really bare,

Never really thought that I would end up in care.


Got people saying I need to make a good impression,

But all I am getting is constant aggression,

Walking on the edge with nowhere to hide,

Thinking of taking my life, but at least I can say I tried.


My only friend is a strong piece of rope,

Not sure how long I can carry on like this, not sure how I can cope,

With everything that’s been said I’m really hurting,

Just want to hide from it all behind a huge curtain.