Care Story set to showcase at Children’s Media Conference

Ambassadors for York’s children and young people in care are set to showcase some of their media projects at the Children’s Media Conference. Show Me That I Matter will join Inspired Youth to close the conference in a presentation to delegates in The Last Word.

The program reads:

“Can we replace limitation, lack of expectation and frustration with inspiration, aspiration and personal satisfaction?  Are we open to the challenge?”

Natasha and Shelly will share work from a range of youth-led Inspired Youth projects including Arts4Care, Music4Care, Aspire To More and their most recent project A Care Story.

Along side examples of their work both Shelly Reed and Natasha Woodrow will represent SMTIM and all care experienced young people by speaking to an audience of 250+ delegates made up of producers, writers, directors, commissioners and professionals from the children’s television industry.

Natasha will read a poem she wrote as part of A Care Story, created during workshops along side lyricist and artist Liam Kritikal Powers.

From the age of 10, my life was broken,

And all of my possessions were rudely taken,

Always trying, but end up bleeding,

Watching others cope I think they’re cheating.

The achievement comes following a string of awards and media coverage for the co produced projects, which put real experiences at the heart of creating powerful campaigns.


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