A youth driven design

A group of inspirational young people from care backgrounds have been working with Inspired Youth in partnership with a designer Se7en to create a vision for a booklet that will showcase “A World Of Good”, a powerful coproduced story written by acclaimed author Paolo Hewitt.

Based on concepts, ideas and visions from young people, developed though creative workshops, the group have been working on creating a resource for children and young people in care.  The story “A World Of Good” aims to reduce mental health stigma and grow understanding about the care journey and the impact the experience can have on a young persons mental health.

For the front cover the young people came up with the idea of a jar, which contained elements of the story. Se7en mocked up some conceptual designs to allow the team to develop their ideas and feedback on where they would like to take their design.


We printed out mock ups to give young people the opportunity to give honest feedback and take ownership of the product. The project is a genuine coproduction meaning the group have full control and influence over every aspect of the work. image1.JPGimage3.JPGThe booklet contains the powerful “A World of Good” story as well as introductions to the partners and some statistics to add context to the story. The booklet will be presented to all young people in care in York as well as those entering care in the future.image1.JPGOnce the booklet has been designed it will be printed to a high standard. It is hoped that as well as young people, the story will also inspire professionals working with children and young people in care.mockup.two

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Funded by JRF


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