A World of Good is a creative piece of writing made in coproduction with care experienced young people from the City of York and written by author Paolo Hewitt. The idea behind the project was to give young people an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and ideas through a powerful, fictional story that aims to inspire young people in care to reach for their aspirations. The story uses creative writing to highlight themes and ideas developed by young people.

This website will follows the journey of a group of young people as they shape and inform every stage of a creative process. Their shared experiences have contributed towards a powerful resource in the form of a fictional story presented online in a design coproduced by young people. The project used powerful storytelling to reduce stigma around life chances for young people growing up in care. The project touches on themes such as mental health and is designed to encourage care experienced young people that they can reach for their dreams despite facing some challenges in their journeys.

Young people also produced a series of poems about their experiences.

We would like to thank all the care experienced young people who contributed to the project and for helping to make this story so inspiring.

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